Your Video demonstrations empower you and your customer

Video is an important part of a marketing communication plan. NewsMark, Inc. has produced videos for clients to use for marketing, e-learning, employee training, paid content, event engagement, and program highlights. We recommend professional video for clients looking for a multi-use marketing tool with staying power.

Why Hire NewsMark, Inc. To Produce Your Videos

  • With our news background, we are expert at producing your story in video form quickly and efficiently.
  • We produce “in the field” rather than high-cost studios, saving you money and time.
  • The news-like quality of our productions provides third-party credibility.

Why Professional Video Is Important to Your Business

  • Professional video has multiple uses — You can repurpose for client and internal promotion, social media, trade shows, advertising and your website.
  • Videos get the most interaction on most social media platforms.
  • It’s a great bang for your buck. In the age of the Internet, your video can live on forever. They are easy to re-edit to add new information or images.

Why Buy an Infomercial VS. a 30 or 60 Second Ad

  • TV stations cannot sell enough commercials or afford to pay for programming to run in those half-hour time slots. Would you rather pay more for 30 seconds than for 30 minutes?
  • TV stations and ad agencies make more money by selling commercials than infomercials
  • In the infomercial business, profit margins for TV stations and ad agencies are tiny so they don’t do many.